Write an essay on the centre state relations

By Julythe question of partition was resolved with the fulfillment of the demand for Pakistan.

Write an essay on the centre state relations

The Relation between Centre and State in India!

Write an essay on the centre state relations

Position of the States in Write an essay on the centre state relations Union: On account of the exigencies of the situation, the Indian federation has acquired characteristics which are quite different from the American model.

Legislation by a State can be disallowed by the President, when reserved by the Governor for his consideration. Again these ideas are found in the Canadian Constitution though not in the Constitution of the U.

The bulk of the Constitution can be amended by a Bill in the Union Parliament being passed by a special majority. It is possible for the Union Parliament to reorganise the States or to alter their boundaries by a simple majority in the ordinary process of legislation. The ease with which the federal organisation may be reshaped by an ordinary legislation by the Union Parliament has been demonstrated by the enactment of the States Reorganisation Act, A large number of new States have, since, been formed.

Hence, the federal safeguard against the interests of the lesser States being overridden by the interests of the larger or more populated States is absent under our Constitution. Legislative, Administrative and Financial: Our Constitution is one of the very few that has gone into details regarding the relationship between the Union and the States.

By going into great details of the relations, the Constitution framers hope to minimize the conflicts between the centre and the states. By and large, the confrontations between the two have been minimal. Legislative Relations Articles From point of view of the territory over which the legislation can have effect, the jurisdiction of a State Legislature is limited to the territory of that State.

But in the case of Parliament, it has power to legislate for the whole or any part of the territory of India i. States, Union Territories or any other areas included for the time being in the territory of India.

Only some provisions for scheduled areas, to some extent, limit the territorial jurisdiction of Parliament. Legislative Methods of the Union to Control over States: As for the subjects of legislation the Constitution has adopted, as if directly from the Government of India Act,a three-fold distribution of legislative powers between the Union and the States, a procedure which is not very common with federal constitutions elsewhere.

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The Constitutions of the United States and Australia provided a single enumeration of powers—power of the Federal Legislature— and placed the residuary powers in the hands of the States. Canada provides for a double enumeration, dividing the legislative powers between the Federal and State legislatures.

The Indian Constitution introduces a scheme of three-fold enumeration, namely, Federal, State and Concurrent. List I includes all those subjects which are in the exclusive jurisdiction of Parliament. List II consist of all the subjects which are under exclusive jurisdiction of the State Legislature, and List III which is called the Concurrent List, consists of subjects on which both Parliament and the State legislatures can pass laws.

List I, or the Union List, includes 99 items, including residuary powers, most of them related to matters which are exclusively within the jurisdiction of the Union. Subjects of national importance requiring uniform legislation for the country as a whole are inducted in the Union List. The more important examples are defence, armed forces, arms and ammunition, atomic energy, foreign affairs, coinage, banking and insurance.

Most of them are matters in which the State legislatures have no jurisdiction at all.

Essay on the Centre-State Financial Relations in India

But, there are also items dealing with inter-state matters like inter-state trade and commerce regulation and development of inter-state rivers and river valleys, and inter-state migration, which have been placed under the jurisdiction of the Union Parliament.

Certain items in the Union List are of such a nature that they enable Parliament to assume a role in certain spheres in regard to subjects which are normally intended to be within the jurisdiction of the States; one such example is that of industries.

Write an essay on the centre state relations

Parliament, by a mere declaration, can take over as many industries as it thinks fit. It is under this provision that most of the big industries, like iron, steel and coal, have been taken over by Parliament under its jurisdiction.

Similarly, while museums, public health, agriculture etc. The university is a State subject but a number of universities have been declared as Central Universities and placed under the exclusive jurisdiction of Parliament.

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Elections and Audit, even at the State level, were considered matters of national importance. The Extensive nature of the Union List thus places enormous powers of legislation even over affairs exclusively under the control of the States in the hands of Parliament.

List II or the State List, comprises 61 items or entries over which the State Legislature has exclusive power of legislation. The subject of local importance, where variations in law in response to local situations may be necessary, has been included in the State List.

Some subjects of vital importance in the list are State taxes and duties, police, administration of justice, local self-government, public health, agriculture, forests, fisheries, industries and minerals. But, in spite of the exclusive legislative jurisdiction over these items having been given to the States, the Constitution, through certain reservations made in the Union List has given power to Parliament to take some of these items under its control.Database of example International Relations essays - these essays are examples of the work produced by our professional essay writers.

Centre-State Relations Essay CENTRE-STATE RELATIONS ISSUES & IMPACTS Jaseer Jaffar IMK INTRODUCTION India is our country with its capital being New Delhi where the parliament of India is situated. It is through parliament all laws and bills are sanctioned.

India is a vast country with 28 states and. Words Essay on Centre-State Relations Article shared by In the Objective Resolution adopted on 22nd January , the Constituent Assembly declared its firm and solemn resolve to make India an Independent Sovereign Republic, where the States shall possess and retain the status of autonomous units.

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Centre State Relations and Power Separation. Words Essay on Centre-State Relations Article shared by In the Objective Resolution adopted on 22nd January , the Constituent Assembly declared its firm and solemn resolve to make India an Independent Sovereign Republic, where the States shall possess and retain the status of .

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