Thesis for articles of confederation

Original Citation Western people have, over the past three centuries, confidently applied their own understandings and forms of organisation to the rest of the world. They have done this in the sure knowledge that these represent the most advanced, developed and sophisticated of all forms of understanding and organisation available to human beings. To introduce those forms to non-Western people has been to start them on the road to development, short-cutting the historically long and thorny route taken by Western Europeans in achieving their advanced state of organisation and understanding. Amongst the important influences on governments and people in Third World countries have been the reification of 'the state' and 'the people' in most discussion of Third World nations and peoples and the formulation of governmental policies based on that reification.

Thesis for articles of confederation

Second, involvement with Social Security Administration, in most cases, is contract based. The purpose of forming a contract between two or more parties is to bind the parties related to it to the contract to the terms and conditions of the contract. If I was a farmer contracting for harvesting of my crops, I would first find an available harvester and contract with them to timely harvest my crops.

The contract would include a limitation that the harvester needs a months notice if I want to cancel the harvest for any reason. So now it comes to two weeks before the harvest and my crops are destroyed by a hail storm but I have no act of God clause in the contract.

What happens when Thesis for articles of confederation tell the harvester not to come. He says that he will try to sell the time to someone else but that if he cannot he will still have to bill me for the harvest because I am not canceling before the one month deadline.

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I rescind my signature from the contract and refuse to pay. What happens when the harvester takes me to court for specific performance on the harvest contract. The harvester presents the contract to allow it to speak for itself. Then he presents my affidavit of rescinded signature to prove that I believed that my signature existed on the contract or I would not have attempted to rescind it.


The court rules in favor of the Contract for the following causes: Nothing I could say or do would free me from the terms shown here. The contract is valid and must be paid.

Thesis for articles of confederation

This little fictitious scenario is exemplary of any contractual obligation situation wherein a person attempts to rescind their signature.

In the Mythology regarding this point people argue that they were not fully informed as to the true nature of the contractual liability and therefore their signature was not valid. They allege that the other principle of the contract withheld information in order to perpetrate a fraud; further, they cite the limitation that one cannot sign without knowing willing consent and if they had known the true nature of the relationship they would never have signed the instrument.

Or, they allege that the contract was created before they were born and that no person under eighteen years old can enter or be entered into a contract because they do not have the legal capacity to agree to enter and be bound by contract.

Though all of these alleged causes to rescind sound reasonable and are supportable with law, the fact is their application is foolhardy. Note the other parties position: The Social Security Administration's operation and intent is fully disclosed publicly with full notice and as such was available prior to your participation.

Therefore, if you did not do due diligence in your discovery to understand your participation and the obligation to the same once you were involved that is not their problem nor is it cause for eliminating the contract's liability.

Further, if the contract was made by a guardian while the named party was underage, they continued to participate under the contractual liability when they came of age which participation was a knowing willing consensual signature act binding the party to the contract without right to rescind.

The only thing rescinding such a contractual obligation does is prove the person's signature on the contract. The Second Amendment protects the personal right to keep and bear Arms We have never seen a Supreme Court case alleging a Second Amendment Right to personally keep and bear arms prove successful.

There was a case that stated that a shotgun was not a Militia type weapon so it was not protected under the Second Amendment secured rights. Remember, there is no such thing as a Constitutional Right and if you do not know what your rights are, you don't have them.

But, what is being stated about the right of the people to keep and bear Arms? This is why the United States Supreme Court rulings are consistent in that the Second Amendment secured right is relevant only to the necessary existence of the Militia.

Therefore, when a person stands to proclaim they have a right to keep and bear Arms, not recognizing the related Militia necessity, they most often lose their case. We are not saying that the private Right to keep and bear Arms is not protected.Oct 06,  · This is a good thesis statement.

It provides just enough information without being too vague, and shows how the Articles of Confederation directly affected aspects of the U.S. government and society. The Articles of Confederation did very little to establish a strong national government.

There are many problems with it.

Thesis for articles of confederation

First, there was a lack of central leadership. Order essays, research papers, term papers, book reviews, assignments, dissertation, thesis or extensive dissertations & our expert ENL writers will easily prepare a paper according to your requirements.

the Confederation Articles were bound to fail since they greatly limited the sovereignty of Congress. As Kesavan asserts “this is the. BibMe Free Bibliography & Citation Maker - MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard. A short summary of The Founding Fathers's The Articles of Confederation ().

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