The benefits and downfalls of greed and selfishness in the world

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The benefits and downfalls of greed and selfishness in the world

Avarice versus Greed The worst of the worst Greed and the lust for wealth and power are the only motivating factors for the few who use and exploit other human beings and the very planet we call our home, and on which we must rely for sustenance and protection.

The raping of our planet by this small number of people is not only being blindly tolerated, but encouraged by the majority, for reasons that are far beyond my grasp of what is right and what is wrong. Those who ignore, condone or deny that this problem is real, are as guilty as those perpetrators themselves.

History is our best teacher and yet we turned a blind eye toward the destruction of education in all aspects of its potential for spiritual growth, but worse denying scientific guidance.

We have sold our souls in exchange for promises of a few useless shiny trinkets that we might get handed down to us from the misguided motivations of the few, who take beyond their needs and destroy the security, peace, safety and harmony of our planet, and intentionally bring harm and destruction to anyone who dares to stand in their way of this exploitation.

God creates and Man destroys God Creates. Greed will be our complete undoing. Is there any hope for humanity? But, that evil is not a separate external force, though invisible in itself, that we think we are too weak to fight.

This evil is deep within the hearts, minds and very essence of mankind itselfand exercised only by a few who are allowed this freedom to take beyond their needs, and in the process put the very existence of all the rest of us in peril of the total annihilation that their actions make a real possibility.

Preserving our natural resources NRDC: The Natural Resources Defense Council works to protect wildlife and wild places and to ensure a healthy environment for all life on earth.

We stand by idly and watch as this very thing is being done today. Sanctioned by a government that is owned by those few doing the exploiting of those non-renewable resources. This is a real shame on the government, those who exploit, and each and every one of us who stand by silently, and allow it to continue.

Should people be forced to live their lives in fear, ignorance, and the threat of eternal punishment so that religion can prosper? We have turned over our destinies and our very futures to a few who exploit, unashamedly for their own selfish gains, at the expense of the rest of us who are obviously considered expendable hindrances to their need for greed.

We have clean sustainable, renewable, and safe energy sources that are basically free gifts from the Creator. And yet we, as a collective whole, ignore these gifts for the sake of personal gain, short term goals, and the short sightedness of the few?

The reasons for this totally escape me. The things we bring forth from the past are self destructive and yet they seem to be our legacy: These things are a menace to us all, and used to full advantage by a few who gain monetarily from them.

These things are from the past, and frankly that is exactly where they should stay. They are restrictive, destructive and self defeating to our survival. I personally do not believe that this was the intent of our Creator when this blueprint of life on the planets throughout our vast universe was conceived.

And yet, self destruction seems to be the only goal and true destiny of mankind itself, by mankind itself. This stupidity surely was not by conscious design.

Yet, we still opt for oil, gas, coal, the destruction of land, pollutions of air and water, to the ultimate goal of the obviously inevitable end of the planet itself and the end of human, as well as, all other life on this planet, as merely a side effect of pursing our basic needs based solely on human greed, rather than need.

The shamelessness is unyielding, and obviously not a deterrent to the self serving exploiters of our earth. Natural sustainability It has taken Mother Nature trillions of years to evolve this habitable planet that sustains life of such beauty and diversity.

#Effects Of Greed On Human Living

This planet has the natural capacity to maintain itself for another trillion years. But man is his own worst enemy; shortsighted, selfish, self serving, self indulgent, exploitative and destructive to all that surrounds him with no regard for those natural resources, or for that matter, human life itself.

We cling to barbaric eclectic religious beliefs that are, in themselves, self defeating, self restrictive, morally bankrupt, and self destructive. We carry our negative emotions with us from generation to generation like some kind of treasure, in the hopes of appeasing an intolerant and invisible god of fear, guilt, hatred all self imposed beliefs and continue to use these negative emotions to control and exploit others around us, and our planetary environment, for merely selfish reasons.

The benefits and downfalls of greed and selfishness in the world

We are not a very "deserving" race of mortals after all, are we?With the traditional economy advantages and disadvantages, there are no changes to how it operates. It is often thought of as a primitive-type economic system because there is no effort at evolution or improvement.

It is simply a repetitive cycle that meets basic needs while providing basic benefits. May 22,  · To eliminate selfishness and greed you would have to eliminate the human race. There is no magic potion to rid the world of greed. No law to pass or leader to take out of office, it is inside of every individual person.

Both greed and gluttony correspond closely with what Guatama Buddha called desire: an overattachment to the material world and its pleasures which is at the root of all human suffering. Greed is. Brief answer: The greedy will never be satisfied with all the sustenance of the world just as fire burns all the fuel that it is given!!

Greed is like sea water: the more you drink, the thirstier you get.

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A World Full Of Greed And Selfishness. 6/5/ We live in a world that is not dominated by common sense, compassion, self control, or ethics. We live in a world that is shaped by greed, selfishness, and the neverending quest for the almighty dollar. We cheat for it, lie for it, sometimes even kill for it!.

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