Problems for unemployment essay

This major problem needs full attention of government along with citizens of country in equal manner so that we can prevent or end this issue completely from our country. In this section, we have given detailed information about this social problem of unemployment in India with causes, impacts and solutions in the form of essays with different words count.

Problems for unemployment essay

Essay about unemployment problems in the united

Labour force is the term collectively applied to the total Problems for unemployment essay of individuals within the population who are willing and capable of doing work. Unemployment rate of a country is indicative of its socio-economic health.

The unemployed also does not possess the power of purchase, thus in effect contributing to bringing down demand of goods in the market and creating more unemployment. This vicious cycle creates a cascading effect throughout the economy and trickles down to different social strata.

India currently has a population of about 1. According to a recent United Nations Development Programme UNDP report, during the period of toIndian economy has experienced maximum growth and yet less than half number of Indians seeking jobs have managed to land one during this period.

State wise figures reveal that Tripura has the highest unemployment rate in the country at On the other hand, unemployment rate is higher among women at 8. Women unemployment rate is higher in the rural areas than in urban sectors of the country.

Experts fear that at present, India is experiencing a jobless growth with not enough jobs being created for its working age population years. Types of Unemployment The most accepted classification of Unemployment recognizes two broad types: Voluntary and Involuntary Unemployment.

Voluntary unemployment arises when an individual is not under any employment out of his own desire not to work. Involuntary unemployment encompasses all those factors that prevent a physically fit individual willing to work from getting an appointment.

Involuntary Unemployment is further categorized into subheads; 1. Such employment stems from any structural change in the economy that leads to decline of specific industries. Long term changes in the market conditions, reorganization of the same, and sudden changes in the technological sector, creates a Skill Gap in the existing workers.

Globalization and relocation of jobs also leads to unemployment as workers are often unable to move to the new location where the employers currently hold positions.

Problems for unemployment essay

In some industries production activities are season best and employment occurs only in peak seasons. Agro-based industries and tourism industries are examples of this form of unemployment. This type of unemployment is either generated following the introduction of technologically advanced mechanization that renders manual labour redundant, or through inclusion of technology that the current labour force is ill-adapted to.


This type of unemployment happens when the labour is either transitioning between jobs or is trying to find a job more suited to their skill set.

Friction is generally referred to the time, energy and cost that a person invests while searching for a new job. This form of unemployment happens when people with advanced degrees are unable to procure an engagement that is suited to their level of training. Some occupations can only offer temporary employment to individuals and their engagements are subject to termination as soon as the demand subsides.

Daily labourers who work on a day-to-day basis are example of such types of unemployment. This type of unemployment refers to the periodic cycle of unemployment associated with cyclical trends of growth in business.

Unemployment is low when business cycles are at their peak and high when the gross economic output is low. Several external factors like wars, strikes and political disturbances, natural calamities that affect business cycle are also contributors to cyclical unemployment.

This is a scenario when more people are employed in a job than is actually required for it. This is hallmark of developing economies where availability of labour is abundant. It is primarily a feature of the agricultural and unorganized sectors.

Causes of Unemployment Unemployment is a reason for alarming concern in India today. The root of the problem can be traced to a host of reasons that contributes collectively towards this problem.

Economic Growth without adequate employment opportunities: In a survey conducted among a sample of companies across the nation and across various sectors, during the financial year of only 12, jobs were created compared tojobs in the year Although literacy rates have risen in the last few decades, there still remains a fundamental flaw in the education system in India.

The curriculum is mostly theory-oriented and fails to provide vocational training required to match up with current economic environment. The degree-oriented system renders itself redundant when it comes to producing human resources adept at fitting into specific profiles within the economy.

Rapid growth of population has often been labeled as the major reason for increasing unemployment in the country. The five-year plans implemented by the government have not contributed proportionately towards generation of employment. The assumption was that growth in economy will automatically generate enough employment.

Drawback of Agriculture Infrastructure:The main cause of unemployment is the repaid growth of populations. Since independence the populations of India has increased by threes times its total. When people multiply, there raises the problems of unemployment and it becomes difficult for government to provide employment to a sufficient number of people.

Unemployment is a serious problem in our country, which leads to poverty. Many people are eager to find jobs Su Pport themselves as well as their families but there are not enough jobs for everyone. As a result the problem of unemployment is seen at every level.

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Family unemployment problem about Essay - by Jackson, November 25, , pm / 10 stars. These imminent problems associated with unemployment present a significant challenge to many governments in seeking to provide solutions to the problem of unemployment.

The fundamental approach utilised by many governments remains the creation of jobs within the informal sector. Unemployment is troubling for the unemployed people and their families because it will contribute to a variety of health and social problems.

It will also have harmful effects on the nation’s economy because of the poverty issue caused by unemployment and the growing financial burden on . Unemployment Essay Unemployment: Unemployment and Minimum Wage Rate Unemployment is defined of those who are of working age and are actively seeking employment but do .

Essay On Unemployment in India: Types, Causes and Solutions To Reduce Unemployment Rate