Outline week 3

The scope and nature of the public policy problem. How the problem came to public and political awareness.

Outline week 3

An Example of an ESS Analysis Last week the focus was on looking at the interactions that occurred between and among the event and spheres. Check out the examples below.

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Pay attention to the various ways that you can post your interactions. These examples represent a few of the many interactions that could have been discovered during an ESS analysis of the Yellowstone forest fires event.

Review the Yellowstone ESS analysis interactions that you posted in your journal last week. How do your interactions compare to those below? Are some of yours the same?

Event Sphere Interactions The examples below address sphere to event and event to sphere interactions. As with industrial pollution, CO2 from the fire would combine with the moisture in the atmosphere to form carbonic acid, or H2CO3.

Forest fires make "updrafts" of air Outline week 3 the warmth you can feel if you hold your hand about 12 inches above a candle flame.

This makes sense to me because the high temperature of a lightning bolt combined with the dry biomass often found in Yellowstone is a recipe for a forest fire. On September 11,two inches of wet snow covered a large portion of Yellowstone National Park.

The snow put out some of the flames and prevented the fire from spreading. For example, some pinecones, like the lodgepole pinecones, need the heat of a fire to open them and release their seeds. Even those who could flee had trouble surviving after the fire because their habitat was severely altered.

For instance, when the plant litter on the ground is burned off, there is no more fuel for a new fire. And we know that a fire needs fuel. This makes sense to me because I read that leaf litter and other "burnables," which had collected on the Yellowstone forest floor since the previous fire 75 years ago, provided the fuel for the fire.

Outline week 3

As an illustration, the fires baked out a lot of the living, nutrient-rich organic matter, called humus. These explanations are valuable for you and others because they make your "Why? Pay attention to how the "Why?

By comparison, gardeners prepare their soil with ashes from a fireplace. Because soil moisture is extremely low due to the fires, surviving seeds of all types, plus windblown seeds and spores, cannot germinate until new rains fall in the area.

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In the area where I live, the roots from good plant cover appear to help keep the topsoil from washing away during heavy rains. A similar circumstance occurs in the strip mining areas near where I live. Following hard rains, the nearby streams become very muddy.

An article in the local paper said such "erosion and drainage creates acidic conditions in the streams. A similar thing happens when ash from an erupting volcano is carried by the winds to other regions.

These are merely a few examples of what seem to be some reasonable causes and effects. There are many other possibilities. Note that many of the above interactions between the Yellowstone forest fires and the spheres result in negative environmental impacts.

For example, smoke from the fires can coat the lungs of animals. However, positive environmental effects could occur as the result of the fires. Such positive effects include the removal of excess fuel material in the forests and the preparation of the seeds of some plant species for germination.

Some of the interactions also establish feedback loops. As the fires burn, they dry vegetation around them, thus creating more fuel for the fire.

This positive feedback loop reinforces the burning of the forest fires.

Outline: Week 3: Problem-Based Learning

A negative feedback loop that lessens the intensity of the fires is established when ash from the fires is carried into the atmosphere and forms condensation particles for water vapor.Acme Fireworks: Outline BUS (2 Pages | Words) I. Introduction Acme Fireworks contracts with their customers would fall under the Common Law contract, even though they are providing goods and services and it should be under the Uniform Commercial Code but due to high risk of injury then it falls under Common Law.

PSY WEEK 3 PSYCHIATRIC DIAGNOSIS OUTLINE. The patient’s name is Bob. Bob has an unusual persistence that he is being followed/chased by law enforcement.

Bob has seemingly created a barrier between himself and realty as he has chronic delusional thoughts and hallucinations. Bob’s overall behavior is erotic with poor self-care. The patient’s symptoms include delusions, hallucinations.

CA Week 3: Thesis, Sentence outline, Annotated Bibliography Assignment. Using your project proposal as a guide, include your thesis statement, develop a page sentence outline for your paper, and complete an annotated bibliography with a minimum of six (6) peer-reviewed resources. CA Professional Strategies, Grantham University.

Class outline Week 3 9/7/99 A Review of Positivism as Philosophical Thought Positivism: a philosophy based on observable, scientific facts Comte (), founder of sociology, applied scientific methods to study of society.

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Community Center Proposal Outline Last week we began working on the creation of the Community Child Development Center proposal by developing activities to promote physical development.

In this week’s discussion, you have added to that by focusing on .

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