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What kind of security checks are done on hosts?

No more woof

Call now to sign up! A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, Laura regularly attends seminars and conferences in canine behavior, behavior modification and training.

Meet the Trainer

Because of her passion for an understanding of the behavior and ethology of more than just the domestic dog, Laura attended a seminar comparing wolf and dog behavior at Wolf Park in Battle Ground, Indiana, and she worked with the dolphin trainers at the Dolphin Connectiona Florida facility touted for its marine mammal education, breeding and research techniques.

Laura has authored articles about dogs and dog behavior in such animal-centric magazines as Your Pet Connection and The Animal Companion, and on-line resources Dog Service Network, Cliffview Pilot, and a magazine for young people called Kidz Buzz.

She has taught webinars in shelter training with the dog trainers' online educational resource Dog Trainers Connection and published the book Bringing Up Puppy about the proper training and socialization of a new puppy. A guest lecturer and "Ask the Trainer" speaker for shelters and rescue groups, doggie daycares, pet stores, and dog fancy groups throughout the North-east and Midwest, she's been a guest on a call-in radio show called Freewheelin' on the Sirius Radio's Road Dog channel and on the Today Show website.

Laura believes strongly in strengthening the bond between human and companion animal. For this reason, she regards training as an exercise in building relationship rather than obedience.

No more woof

Such an approach promises greater understanding and symbiosis within our family packs. Her own pack includes rescued German Shepherd Tilly and an unruly dynamic duo of kittens, Django and Steffi.

Just for fun, Laura and Tilly have achieved a novice tricks title together!Here's my classically simple, floppy-eared stuffed bunny crochet pattern, for FREE!

Perfect for Easter, baby showers, birthday gifts or just to hug! NMF aims to be the first device to translate animal thoughts into english. THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

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| Check out 'No More Woof' on Indiegogo. No More Woof is using a Raspberry Pi within the headset to accomplish this. No More Woof Purchasing Information If you're a pet lover--or need to get a gift for one --and don't feel forcing your dog wear a telemarketer's headset with diodes that scan its brain activity is any worse than dressing him up like a velociraptor on the weekends.

No more shuttling pets to and from the groomer. Plus, working on one animal at a time makes most grooming experiences much faster (often less than one hour!).

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From scruffy mutts to pampered pooches.

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