My butt is big ad analysis

I read this exclusively because I got an ARC of the sequel, which is inexplicably coming out this year.

My butt is big ad analysis

Rhetorical Analysis Nike…Just Kiss It Even at a glance this advertisement is set up to catch your attention, no matter what your line of sight, you cannot escape it, it is visually appealing and most importantly it sends a message and elicits a reaction.

Nike ads usually depict athletes that are like superheroes, so by default the butt in the ad is presumed to belong to a superstar athlete. Surprisingly though, this ad does not depict any superstar and theirs a twist, it uses empowerment to persuade.

The routine message carried throughout Nike ads display confidence, attitude, and a swagger about their products. This new female campaign does not endorse any particular sports athlete or any specific merchandise.

In fact, the product they are selling is the consumer. I grew up during an era where Michael Jordan was one of their main promoters. Did it really work, of course not, but did they accomplish their goal, yes they did. Their persuasion was so powerful that most of everyone I knew really felt like they could jump higher, dribble faster and shoot better.

17 Tips to Make Your Butt Bigger → How to Get a Bigger Butt Naturally

Once they got that message across the consumer threshold, success followed and has endured until this day. The Air Jordan ads carried a secondary effect too; the capacity to relate to the consumer. Michael Jordan came from a modest family and went on to become the best in his sport, followed by fame and riches.

That was an instant appeal for many consumers and that hidden message transcended across many races and cultures. These new female campaign ads carry many similarities, with a few key differences, no protagonist and no specific product, but overall the same tactics are employed.

The theme is even kairotic, since society at large is entering an age of acceptance for individualism. Consumers identify themselves with Apple or Android, tattoos or earrings, both or none of the above, either way that individualism has become part of the norm in western society. The medium of the internet has provided a worldwide level of information saturation, expanding the boundaries of the box we live in.

The use of ethos is clearly delineated by the voice and tone of the speaker. Rather than use a person to campaign the ad, the company relies on its own trademark name and slogan to represent and justify its reputation. The ad is ingeniously set up so that the reader can become the speaker in the ad and what greater credence and appeal to support ethos, than by direct relation.

They use Logos by addressing an issue of a big butt with alternative ways to perceive it. Rather than your butt being a hindrance it is a benefit to you. These are positive features of your butt even if not in the literal sense, it does follow a certain false logic, but justifiably appeals to the average female.

Pathos is elicited everywhere in this ad and in different forms.

My butt is big ad analysis

They achieved that with their use of colors contrasting against a white background: Within the text, it challenges what is alleged as beautiful and acceptable in a female body by modern standards.

All of those tactics provoked different emotions.

My butt is big ad analysis

Rhetorical advertising is another form used to analyze the techniques and effectiveness of this ad. There is an integrative framework of visual and verbal rhetoric, that play hand in hand, like a melody and a chorus, creating the highest possibility for the desired effect.

The message is received in one manner or another, like a seed planted and gradually growing in your mind. How the message is actually perceived is irrelevant because even bad publicity is good publicity.

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They knew this ad would solicit both positive and negative reactions, but it was purposely designed that way to elicit emotions with staying power. That is advertising at its finest, they got you thinking, then talking about it and then spreading the word about it.

In rhetorical advertisings, the techniques are divided into overcoding and undercoding. There are two forms of overcoding, repetition and reversal.

Undercoding is divided into two forms as well, substitution and destabilization.Apr 28,  · “I’m a guy who is going to come in and work my butt off,” Griffin said in his conference call with the Seahawks media. “I’m going to learn as fast as .

To get a bigger butt doing squats you need to Do ATG or Ass-to-The-Grass Squats where you squat down past parallel or squat to a point where your butt is below your knees at the bottom of the squat where your butt nearly touches the floor.

Too big.

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I easily can get in and out of my doorway with 10 extra inches. My butt is big and round like the letter “C”. Believe it or not, this is the new ad campaign Nike has released for their butt-toning sneakers, and it's rather excellent.

On my scheduled day of arrival I road-tripped down from Seattle, grabbed my suitcase (complete with clothes, toiletries, pillow, a sheet for a twin-sized bed, and blankets) — and nervously. Aug 03,  · The butt in that ad makes better sense with the text than the one in the OP ad.

They're both very nice butts, IMO. ETA: Despite my ethical objection to portraying women of varying sizes as each others' natural enemies or competitors, I am amused by the part about the border collie.

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