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The skills gained in the design of the MI-3 and DI-8 aircraft were widely used. The first two prototypes were designed as ANT The Cyclone powered prototype flew first, on 7 Octoberwith the first Hispano-Suiza powered prototype ANT [1] [2]which featured a larger wing, flew on 30 Decemberdemonstrating superior performance.

It was however plagued by teething problems, leading unhappy test personnel to cover the ANT with placards listing the aircraft's defects prior to a visit by Sergo Ordzhonikidzethe Commissar for Heavy Industry.

On seeing these placards, Ordzhonikidze summoned Tupolev to a meeting at the Kremlin to discuss these shortfalls. When Tupolev stated that most of the defects were trivial, Joseph Stalin said: The first production aircraft, designated SB, rolled off the production line before the end ofand before ANT had completed its flight test programme.

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The planned licensed production program took a decidedly leisurely course, despite the increasingly dangerous political situation. By 15 Marchwhen the German Wehrmacht occupied Bohemia and Moravianot one Czech-built aircraft had been delivered.

As problems were encountered in converting pilots to fly the SB, a trainer version, the USB was built in Septemberwith a modified nose with an open cockpit for an instructor and dual controls.

Fromthe dorsal gun position was replaced by an enclosed turret, while the ventral gun position, which was difficult to use, was also modified. At first it was equipped with the Klimov M, a license-built version of the Hispano-Suiza 12Ybrs engine, but this was soon replaced by the more powerful MA, and from by the yet more powerful M While the engine installation of the SB 2-M initially retained the drag inducing frontal radiators of the M powered aircraft, an improved engine installation was developed with the radiators slung under the engines.

Performance was little better than the standard aircraft and it was abandoned. The dive-bomber, designated SB-RK later redesignated Arkhangelsky Ar-2 after its designer, with Tupolev having been imprisoned and being in disgrace was similar to the MMN but was fitted with dive brakes and it was ordered into production.

Design[ edit ] The SB was an all-metal monoplane powered by two Klimov M cylinder water-cooled engines license production version of Hispano-Suiza Yrds engine which drove fixed-pitch two-bladed metal propellers. The engines were provided with honeycomb-type frontal radiators enclosed by vertical thermostat -controlled cooling shutters.

Because of its broad, high aspect ratio wing, that gave it a good altitude performance — Soviet crews nicknamed the SB the " Pterodactyl ". They were mostly satisfied with the aircraft's performance.

There were some complaints about the high noise level, cramped crew compartments, hard undercarriage suspension and in particular about the front gunner's position, which could be reached only through a hatch under the fuselage, preventing the gunner from escaping in the event of a ditching or belly landing.

Although some were re-engined with French Hispano-Suiza 12Ybrs engines to aid maintenance, they were still subject to spares shortages, and in April only three were airworthy. When Junkers Ju 88s were received in Decemberthe remaining SBs were used for occasional training flights until withdrawn and scrapped in The Soviet Union signed the Sino-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact on 21 Augustand as part of this agreement, supplied large amounts of military equipment to the Chinese Nationalistsas well as deploying complete air force units, nominally manned by Soviet volunteers.

An initial delivery of 62 SBs was made in September—Octoberwith combat operations by Soviet forces starting in December with attacks on Japanese ships on the Yangtze River. Losses were heavy, forcing the Chinese SB units to be temporarily withdrawn from combat. The Soviet units operating the SB over China re-equipped with the Ilyushin DB-3 inallowing their SBs to be transferred to Chinese units, but the Chinese made limited use of these reinforcements.From New Year's Eve to Christmas Eve and everything in between, M&N Party Store, formerly M&N International, has a huge selection of party supplies, party decorations, party themes, catering supplies and novelty items to help you celebrate, decorate and have fun!


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