Lancia thesis 24 jtd fuel consumption

Characteristics[ edit ] The property that distinguishes the Multijet from previous generations of common rail diesel engines from FCA is the combustion of the fuel, which is split into multiple injections, thus allowing for a more complete, quieter combustion in the cylinder. Compared to the first-generation JTD engines Unijet system which only featured a smaller pilot and a larger main injection, Multijet is capable of up to five injections per combustion cycle which enables better, more efficient cold running, better performance especially in the lower rev-range, quieter operation as well as even lower consumptions and emissions. The time between injections has been reduced to microseconds while the minimal injection quantity has been reduced from two to less than one microlitre. This enables even mid-sized sedans like the Alfa Romeo and Lancia Lybra equipped with the 1.

Lancia thesis 24 jtd fuel consumption

It is unveiled in The vehicle's measurements are as follows: In addition, the length of the wheelbase of this model is This automobile's curb weight is kg. It is positioned in the front of the vehicle and its alignment is transverse. The cylinders inside are inline-arranged. The piston stroke length is The compression ratio is This model has a common rail fuel system.

The oiling system used for lubricating the engine's parts is wet sump. The vehicle can accelerate for The drag area of this model is 0.

Honda Stepwgn (RF) I 16V ( hp, petrol, ) - Fuel consumption - combined EVO-Tech is custom-engineered for a large variety of vehicles. In your motor awaits a tremendous amount of potential power, just begging to be unleashed with our EVO-Tech remapping chip.
Forum Lancia Net • Afficher le sujet - Nouveautés mécaniques Groupe Fiat It signalled an end of the previous Lancia naming theme involving the use of Greek letters as model names. The Lybra was built in the Rivalta plant near Turin until [6] and after that in Mirafiori plant in Turin.
LANCIA THESIS OWNER'S HANDBOOK MANUAL Pdf Download. The performance of its engines is excellent, and from today it is going to be even better, thanks to the new 2.

The Opel Zafira 1. The top gear ratio is 0. Its final drive ratio is 2. The extra urban fuel consumption of this automobile is 5. The steering system of the vehicle is power assisted rack and pinion type.

Chiptuning Citroen C4 BlueHDi 99 hp

The number of complete rotations made by the steering wheel from one extreme position to another is 2. The size of the front wheels is 6. The size of the rear wheels is 6.

The front brakes are fitted with ventilated disks. The rear brakes are fitted with disks, servo assistance, anti-lock braking system ABS. The diameter of the rear brakes is The development of each Lancia Thesis JTD 10v hp tuning file is the result of perfection and dedication by programmers.

The organization only uses the latest technologies and has many years experience in ECU remapping software. Chiptuning Citroen C4 BlueHDi 99 hp EXE Digital Tuning. The best diesel chiptuning for your Citroen C4; you will have a power increase up to hp. Look also the fuel economy with our diesel chiptuning EXE Digital Tuning in the table here below.

Fuel economy in city is lt/km, Fuel economy in highway is lt/km and combined fuel economy is lt/km according to officially published data by manufacturers. Thesis jtd Multijet 20v Executive Comfortronic real World MPG/consumption is 13,5 lt/km.

Lancia thesis 24 jtd fuel consumption

Engine Version: Thesis Modification: Thesis JTD 20v Executive Year: - (, , ) Engine l.: l Fuel type: Diesel . Nov 29,  · JTD (HP) Emblema Recorded with iPhone 4. JTD (HP) Emblema Recorded with iPhone 4. Skip navigation Sign in. Lancia Thesis fuel consumption .

The Lancia Thesis 20v JTD has a manual 6-speed transmission. This automobile has a combined fuel consumption of l/ km, urban of l/ km and extra urban fuel consumption of l/ km.

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