Hull house chicago illinois essay

Hull House was constructed by Charles J. Hull at Halsted and Polk Streets in at a time when this was one of the most fashionable sections of the city. After the Chicago Fire ofthe "better classes" moved to other parts of the city and the Near West Side began to attract a large immigrant population of Italian, Greek and Jewish settlers.

Hull house chicago illinois essay

Students will begin to understand the wide spread social influence that was caused by Jane Addams and her Hull House. Our class will explore current social welfare programs within our community, look at past programs within Champaign County, and compare these activities to those of the Hull House in the early 20th century.

It is the goal of this lesson for students to ask themselves if they are doing enough to help people within their community that are not as fortunate as they are. Will they treat their neighbor the way that they wish they would be treated in the same situation?

Students will also have the opportunity to earn extra credit in taking time out to help one of these organizations.

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This settlement of homeless individuals was removed from their original location in the back yard of the Catholic Worker House in Champaign. It is my hope that these articles will show the connection between the disadvantaged within our community and those of the Near West Side in Chicago, IL.

Analysis of local primary sources: Students will explore primary documents with the use of a written document analysis worksheet.

Hull house chicago illinois essay

Students look at these documents in groups of 6 and will pass the materials among the other groups. This document examination will take place over two days. Introduce students to the plight of some citizens within their own community Procedures: Students will be asked about poverty that they have seen in their own town.

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Have they seen homeless people, pan handlers, people living out of cars?Hull House offered much to the poor people of Chicago. It had nursery schools, kindergartens, club meetings, craft classes, classes of art and music, and job placement opportunities.

Addams also acknowledged that her settlement house contained many talented individuals. Based on the description of experiments at Hull House, this essay attempts to show how different dimensions of experimentation beyond the laboratory can be framed and how alternate phases that combine knowledge production and knowledge application can be conceptually comprised.

In , Addams opened Hull House, a settlement house for immigrants in one of Chicago's poorest neighborhoods. In , she was selected to be the garbage inspector for one of Chicago.

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Jane Addams: a Modern Saint Jane Addams was a very intelligent woman born in Cedarville, Illinois on September 6, and graduated from Rockford College in , Jane Addams founded the world famous social settilement Hull-House on Chicago's Near West Side in /5(11).

SUMMARY. A new teaching edition of Twenty Years at Hull-House, this volume is an ideal way to introduce students to one of America's most famous women and . His essay addressed how Hull-House on Chicago’s Near West Side fit into Mexican community and identity formation during the s and later during the Great Depression.

He used the Library’s Special Collections and University Archives Hull-House collection and the Immigrants’ Protective League records to conduct his research.

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