How plants make your own food

Nettle yep, the stinging kind, a good stomach filler in emergencies, some tasty protein and great minerals 7.

How plants make your own food

From the Desk of Rachel Thorogood So you want to grow your own? It's fun being self sufficient. Growing your own food is one great way to do this. Besides, then you know it's pure and clean, because you nurtured it yourself.

In the rush was on to connect the Central Pacific, coming from the east, and the Union Pacific, coming from the west, railroad lines to form the very first transcontinental railroad.

Is Your Stevia Real? Today I want to expand a little on a post I did 6 months ago. In this video, featured below, I show you how to make your own pure stevia and liquid stevia. You can grow sprouts in your kitchen using lentils, a large jar and a lid with a screen that you can buy at a health food store. I’m sure you could also use a scrap of cheesecloth over the mouth of the jar and a ring screwed on over top (or use a thick rubber band to secure the cloth). Attention: Goji Berry Lovers How To Grow Your Own Goji Berry Plants. Discover how you can grow your own and when you can expect your first harvest.

This meant that instead of it taking months to cross the country by covered wagon, suddenly it took only 6 days on the train.

The Chinese were considered to be efficient workers and far less troublesome than the Irish. The work was extremely dangerous, what with blasting through mountains and laying track and railroad ties over the treacherous terrain of the high Sierra mountains.

They used primitive techniques such as chipping away at granite while hanging in baskets on ropes from the tops of cliffs. Many Chinese died in the harsh winters and perilous conditions. The Irish and other Americans were known as "Terrestials" of the earth.

If it were not for these tireless Chinese workers and their families, the progress and development of the U. They labored for little money in terrible working conditions in severe weather. Their contribution was remarkable. The Chinese workers lived in simple tent towns.

They did all their own cooking, and when they arrived to work they brought a lot of traditional Chinese food in dried form, such as oysters, fish, mushrooms, seaweed and fruit, including goji berries. Traditionally, the Chinese cook many dishes with goji berries.

The Chinese had large dining camps which moved as they moved along the railroad route, particularly the one at Dove Creek Camp, near Promontory, Utah, where they lived for a while, continuing to work for the Central Pacific Railroad.

The Celestials planted goji vines from seed and they threw out their garbage into the desert, which was also filled with goji seeds. When the Golden Spike was pounded into the last railroad tie, and the cleanup was complete, most of the Chinese workers returned to the West coast.

The town of P romontory and Dove Creek Camp emptied of people and into the terrible soil of the desert. However, the goji berry seeds germinated and grew into tiny plants, then into bigger vines, and they have continued to thrive ever since for the past years.

The birds have eaten most of the yummy crop. Plants have been dug up from this large, wild patch of Lycium Barbarum and propagated. They are extremely hardy and grow fast and vigorously.

I was gifted with a few of these plants and given the mission to spread these Goji plants all over America. This is why they are now available for your own garden.

The plants are deciduous, woody perennials and are very adaptable. They like lots of sun, preferring climates that are hot and dry in the summer, but they will grow just about anywhere, including in humid climates. See that little white spot at the top of Utah?

That's the Great Salt Lake. My Goji plants came from just to the left of the Great Salt Lake. These Goji berries should do well in zones 4 to 9.

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You can grow them in greenhouses in zone 1 to 3 because the dormant roots may not survive the winter. There are several species and as many as 88 varieties.

The most sought after species is Lycium Barbarum because it is the most nutritious. At this time the only commercial source in the world for goji berries is from China or Mongolia.Start Your Own U-Pick Blueberry Farm & Generate Big Profits - Additional Retirement Income.

Plant your own u-pick organic blueberry farm with DiMeo Farms & Blueberry Plants Nursery in New Jersey who has helped families from all across America start growing organic blueberries with our "ultra-heavy bearing" SUPER-HARDY blueberry smart families are growing fresh market locally grown.

First Plants to Learn.

How plants make your own food

No plant is more important than any other, just like no person’s life should be more important than anyone else’s. But all of us who publish books about plants make choices as to which plants to highlight, and which to leave out during the editing process.

It is remarkably easy to make your own frozen hashbrowns. Come discover the secret! Instructions. Harvest your stevia plant by cutting off the branches at the base of the plant.


Wash the branches/leaves in clean filter water. Pick leaves off stevia plant, discard the stems, and dry the leaves for 12 hours in the sun. A bag of pig feed costs more than KSh 3, in the market.

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Feeds take up to 80 per cent of pig production costs. Farmers can make their own feeds and sell surplus feed to other farmers. One of my recent snacking discoveries has been the Larabar, a healthier alternative to all those snack bars on the store shelves.

The Larabar has the tagline of being “the original fruit and nut bar” and is made with minimal ingredients.

How To Improve Your Garden Soil Without A Compost Heap - Whole Food Home