How is the fruitvale branch doing

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How is the fruitvale branch doing

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View Full Essay Questions: Background The Fruitvale branch has become Manzanas worst performing branch, and Manzana is being severely outperformed by a competitor, Golden Gate Casualty, in Fruitvales territory.

This important measure of service could be a large factor in Fruitvales loss of business. Improving the system should result in operational efficiencies, improved service, and hopefully an increase in business.

Current Organizational Problems and Goals for the New System The organizational problems and goals were derived from a study of the facts provided in the case and supported by an organizational and financial analysis submitted during stage 1.

They are presented here in rank order.

How is the fruitvale branch doing

Average turnaround time TAT is too lengthy. Turnaround time is an important indicator of service quality used by originating agents to help customers choose an insurance company.

This causes Manzana to overstate TAT and hurt their chances to win business. Modify system to decrease turnaround time. The new system will automate and streamline certain tasks and track the processing status of requests. These changes should create efficiencies that will lead to shortened turnaround time.

In addition, TAT calculations will be periodically reviewed and revised to ensure that new processing efficiencies are accurately reflected.

Large number of late renewals. RERUNs are currently held until the last day before their due date. Agents expect a renewed contract offer before the expiration of the old policy. Late renewals result in a large renewal loss rate, representing a significant loss of business.

Modify system to decrease the number of late renewals. The prioritization of processing requests will be controlled by the system using a modified FIFO approach. Processing will be monitored so that alerts are generated when processing falls behind schedule. Large backlog of policies.

An inconsistent priority system among departments causes downstream problems. Modify system to decrease backlog of policies.Manzana Insurance. 1. How is the Fruitvale branch doing? On viewing the financial performance of Manzana Ltd., we see that the branch profitability is decreasing.

There is a huge backlog of policies, which is resulting in delays for current orders too.

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The number of new policies and endorsements appeared to be stagnating, whereas the rest of. Shop All. This is an alphabetized list of all our products currently for sale. It begins with our Weekly Menu of housemade items, then continues with an alphabetical list . is the Fruitvale Branch doing? How the branch is doing according to key external performance measures-financial performance, turnaround times, late renewals, and renewal rates.

Fruitvale encounters a significant loss of business due to late renewals, and long lead times on new policies and quotes. (1) What are the problems that the Friutvale Branch is facing? What are the causes of these problems? Answer: Problems faced and the causes for these problems: Problems faced: Improper scheduling of work resulting in tighter schedules or idle time.

Decline in profits – the Fruitvale branch /5(3). Conner Jamie Lukan January 14, – April 6, Conner Jamie Lukan, born in Slave Lake, Alberta on January 14th, , passed away tragically at the age of 21, while travelling with his Humboldt Broncos family on April 6th, Fruitvale Station is a American biographical drama film written and directed by Ryan Coogler.

It is Coogler's first feature-length film and is based on the events leading to the death of Oscar Grant.

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