English teacher interview essay

His father, also named John, was a legal clerk and served with the Parliamentary forces in the English Civil War. His family was well-to-do, but not of particularly high social or economic standing. Locke spent his childhood in the West Country and as a teenager was sent to Westminster School in London.

English teacher interview essay

Your entire life has been getting you ready for this moment. Use everything you've got to create a future that is your dream. This article outlines general information that will help you get started, as well as areas of your own experience that may be helpful to focus on, learn more about, or highlight in the interview.

Also, don't miss the recommended resources at the end of the article, including typical questions asked in an ESL interview. Interviewers Schools vary on how they hold interviews.

Some common practices include: Meeting an interviewing team: This is usually a mix of teachers and English teacher interview essay which asks you scenario-type questions.

Presenting a sample lesson: This may be done in front of the interview team or to a group of students. This will be used to demonstrate your writing ability, and is an opportunity to share your philosophy of teaching, your understanding of educational buzz words e.

English teacher interview essay

Typically, the entire process involves a couple of interviews. If you advance through the process as a candidate, you are asked to return for a follow-up interview to answer more questions for another person or group of people.

Remember that your district or state may have its own set of terminology, and that one school, district, or state may define terms or programs differently from another. Certification One of the first things the interviewer will want to ascertain is the teaching certificate s that you hold.

Teachers with dual certification or Bilingual certification are in higher demand as they are flexible to fill multiple job areas. For example, you may be completing a master's degree or working toward another certificate area e. Be sure to share that since it makes you more marketable.

Teaching Experience Early in the interview you will be invited to talk about your teaching experience. That may include experience working as a teaching assistant, teaching abroad, or working with adults for organizations such as Literacy Volunteers. New Teachers For first-time candidates who recently graduated and don't have past teaching jobs in a school district, talk about the following kinds of experiences: Student teaching Working as a volunteer religious education teacher Parenting, for those who have children, which is valuable experience In the Classroom Classroom Management Another focus of the interview will be on instructional strategies you plan to use in the classroom.

Be prepared to discuss what you would do to keep students actively involved and motivated during a lesson and provide concrete examples. Think about answers to the following questions: If students are having difficulty learning a skill or concept, what do you do?

How would you work with students who are not demonstrating expected levels of growth or those with disabilities? Part of your effectiveness with students will revolve around structuring the environment.

How will you establish your classroom procedures? What will you do to maintain classroom management? Technology Another aspect of instruction you may be asked to address is the integration of technology. Districts are looking for teachers who are knowledgeable and experienced with various forms of technology and willing to incorporate that into lessons.

More and more classrooms are becoming technologically "connected" and moving toward replacing the overhead projector and blackboard with an electronic whiteboard, projector, and document reader.

Teachers are now expected to use computers to record grades and for other administrative and clerical duties. Teachers must continually update their skills in order to skillfully manipulate the latest technology in the classroom. Be prepared to talk about your technical skills and previous experience you have using technology in the classroom.

Assessment Instruction goes hand-in-hand with assessment. You will want to be familiar with and state or national standards as well as conversant about NCLB and other acronyms that deal with the accountability of required assessments.

Each state has its own set of assessments it uses at different grade levels.

English teacher interview essay

English language learners ELLs are entitled to testing accommodations that vary from state to state. At the classroom level, you will want to describe the formative assessments you intend to use to demonstrate student progress.Amy Tan was born in Oakland, California.

Her family lived in several communities in Northern California before settling in Santa Clara.

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Both of her parents were Chinese immigrants. The author had the privelege to interview two different teachers of which were educating different grade levels, ages, and classroon enviroments.

This essay will summarize the interviews and reflect upon why the author wants to join the ranks of special educators, what the author learned during the interviews that solidifies his/her desire to.

This essay discusses five veteran teacher responses to ten questions. Interviews were conducted by telephone.

Those interviews consist of three, five, ten, fifteen, and twenty year teachers. How to prepare for a writing assignment at a college or university teaching job interview.

Bring specific questions.

At my college, we require candidates to do the writing assignment, job interview, and teaching demonstration on the same day. In some disciplines, candidates may also be required to perform a skills demonstration.

Turnitin provides instructors with the tools to prevent plagiarism, engage students in the writing process, and provide personalized feedback. The author had the privelege to interview two different teachers of which were educating different grade levels, ages, and classroon enviroments.

This essay will summarize the interviews and reflect upon why the author wants to join the ranks of special educators, what the author learned during the interviews that solidifies his/her desire to.

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