Educational toys essay

This finding is based on data of very low quality. There was a clear difference between the groups.

Educational toys essay

In recent years, products such as the Brainy Baby and Baby Einstein DVD series, as well as baby sign language products and programs have become very popular.

Educational toys essay

Recent research has produced some surprising results about these widely-used products. In addition, the DVDs and videos had no effects, positive or negative, on toddlers between 17 and 24 months of age.

A study led by a psychologist at the University of California produced a similar result. This finding makes sense if one thinks about what is known about how children develop language.

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Children learn best in situations in which they interact back and forth with a caring adult, who instinctively makes adjustments to their speech, intonation and general interactive behaviour based on what the child does or says.

In short, infants and toddlers benefit most when their parents encourage them to communicate about everyday things and respond to them with interest and enthusiasm. Watching a DVD does not allow the child to learn in this manner and may not, therefore, promote learning.

No long-term advantage Baby sign language is a relatively new phenomenon, but there are already many products and services Educational toys essay the market aimed at parents who want to teach hearing infants to sign.

Advocates of baby sign language claim that it enables a child to express his wants and needs before he has the language to do so thereby reducing frustration for the whole family.

There are also claims that Baby Sign gives infants an intellectual advantage. Like baby DVDs, the trend is popular but controversial, and has resulted in a great deal of research. A group of experts at the Universities of Ottawa and Waterloo in Ontario, Canada decided to review all of the studies on Baby Sign to determine if there is any research that supports its use.

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In an overview of nearly 1, studies on baby sign language, they found that only five studies showed that children who were taught Baby Sign had more advanced language development than children who did not. However, the impact of Baby Sign had disappeared by age two, when it was impossible to tell the difference between the language skills of children who had and had not been taught Baby Sign.

What should parents be looking for to give their child a headstart? The more children are engaged in enjoyable interactions that go back and forth a number of times, the more language a child learns. Compare two interactions, one which does not foster language learning and the other, which does Two year old Marcus sees water dripping from a tap in the bathroom, Water water is dripping from the tap Mom: Ok shuts it off.

Not much learning occurs in this conversation. The water is dripping. Marcus puts his hand under the water: Yes, the water is dripping. Come, push the tap back hard helps Marcus push tap so it is off Marcus: No more water Mom: Should we switch the water on again? Dip, more dip Parent: Ok, let me turn on the tap just a little.

This conversation continues back and forth for a full five minutes.

Baby Sign Language: No long-term advantage

Look how much learning can occur within a simple conversation about water! This is one example of the kind of interaction parents learn from It Takes Two to Talk. Research has shown that this is the ideal way for a child to learn language - during everyday conversations with the important people in his life, who listen to him, contribute ideas to his ideas and add some interesting information, in bits at a time that he can understand.

This is language learning at its best! Baby Einstein DVD fails to boost language. The Journal of Pediatrics, 4 Click on the links below to find out more about how Hanen can help you help children communicate:This rubric may be used for assessing individual performance on a 6+1 Trait essay writing assignment.

Apr 05,  · Ages and Stages of Development Put away small sharp objects. I need touches, nutritious food, and educational toys to keep me busy. Twelve months.

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What I’m Like: I may be able to pull myself up and sidestep around furniture. I may begin walking. I make lots of .

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Toys Are an Influence Essay. Many say educational toys are the best way to go because it stimulate tools a child will use throughout their schooling. “Some toys have a powerful influence on children’s thinking, interaction with peers, and creative expression.” (Prof. Trawick-Smith) The environment around a child has an incredible.

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