Economies of telangana and seemandhra

This blog emphasises on both the positive and negative impacts due to the division of Andhra Pradesh on the new states.

Many critics have correctly argued that the mere creation of smaller states out of the existing bigger ones does not guarantee good governance and faster and inclusive economic development. The initiative for the creation of new states rests with the central government and Parliament.

But the first step must be the immediate establishment of a second states reorganization commission that will redraw state boundaries using parameters to ensure better governance and administration.

Considering the plethora of demands being raised, it is time for a second States Reorganization Commission SRC that can redraw India's federal map, creating many smaller states and keeping in mind the twin criteria of economic viability and people's aspirations.

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The Telangana Twist The government's decision to set in motion the carving up of a new state out of Andhra Pradesh in the south took many in the country by surprise and has stirred up a hornet's nest.

The demand for a separate Telangana on economic grounds is six decades old and has seen its ebbs and flows.


It peaked during the late 's when it took a violent turn and affected the education and lives of a whole generation of youth who were, at the forefront of the agitation. The prospect of a return to violence loomed large when K. Chandrasekhar Rao, the leader of the Telangana Rashtra Samiti party spearheading the current agitation for Telangana, decided to go on fast unto death, When Rao's health deteriorated, the government caved in.

Economies of telangana and seemandhra

The irony is that a hunger strike has undone what a similar protest did for 'the creation Economies of telangana and seemandhra Andhra Pradesh way back in Saddled with the rise in Maoist violence and threats to internal security, it was all too evident that the government was not keen to open another front.

If and when Telangana state is finally formed, India will get to have two states speaking the same Telugu language and getting another crack at equitable Economies of telangana and seemandhra that they failed to achieve as a single, larger unit.

Similar demands by other regions in states like Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar and West Bengal are largely driven by the economic pressure created by uneven growth and the advantages that smaller administrations offer.

Telangana is considered key as it accounts for seats out of the seats in the State Legislative Assembly. The entire weight behind the Telangana movement rose out of the perceived differences in the pace of development when compared to the 2 other regions, Rayalaseema and Coastal Andhra.

The Telangana issue has been consistently grabbing headlines on and off for the past couple of years. Various sentiments are at play here ranging from language to regionalism and political mileage from time to time.

Here's ' a compilation of the issue from scratch. What and where is Telangana? Telangana refers broadly to the parts of the state that formed tile erstwhile Hyderabad state. Telangana is a region in the present state of Andhra Pradesh, India and formerly was part of Hyderabad state which was ruled by Nizam.

The state capital of Hyderabad falls in this region. Historical Perspective - States' Reorganization and Safeguards for Telangana Andhra state was constituted as a result of the efforts of Telugu-speaking people of Madras state who wished to have a separate linguistic state for promoting their own distinct culture.

Andhra Pradesh was formed in as the first linguistic Telugu state with a merger of two different regions, with a majority of the people opting for integration and the rest, forming a sizeable section, yearning for an independent identity for Telangana region.

During the process of re-organization, leading protagonists of Telangana, like K. Ranga Reddy and M.

Telangana Bill promises new capital for Seemandhra within 45 days, economic sops Many critics have correctly argued that the mere creation of smaller states out of the existing bigger ones does not guarantee good governance and faster and inclusive economic development.
Contributors Random thoughts on all things that matter; sometimes, don't Wednesday, August 28, Why is Seemandhra on the boil? For almost one month now, coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema regions of Andhra Pradesh have been on a boil.

Chenna Reddy, both Ministers in Hyderabad state stuck to their demand for two Separate Telugu states and continued their efforts towards that end. Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru initially was skeptical of merging Telangana with Andhra State, fearing a "tint of expansionist Imperialism" in it.

At this point of time, it was felt necessary that some safeguards be ensured in the interest of Telangana and the exercise that was made in This regard resulted in an Agreement between The two regions.

A comprehensive agreement on the "Safeguards for Telangana" was signed by All parties. It was agreed that a 'Regional Council' would be established for the Telangana area with a view to secure its all-round development in accordance with its needs and requirements.

Between andthe state witnessed two separate movements- 'Jai Telangana' and 'Jai Andhra'. The Telangana leaders accused Andhra leaders of flouting the previously signed agreement. The movement which started with the demands of safeguarding the interests of the people of the erstwhile Hyderabad state soon started demanding a separate state.

On January 10,President's rule was imposed, but soon the matter was resolved for the time being. They allege that the experiment of Andhra Pradesh to remain as one state has proven to be a futile exercise and that separation is the best solution.

People grieve that the government has discriminated against the region by providing a huge chunk of aid to private colleges in coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema with very little to the private colleges in Telangana. Many groups pointed out that seats available to the students in Telangana region in professional colleges, particularly medicine and dentistry are less than in proportion to their population.

One of the major grievances of the people of Telangana is regarding allocation and utilization of river waters. The discrimination has been done against Telangana in the distribution of river waters; inadequate mechanisms to address inter regional disputes over river water sharing and water use and part diversion of river Godavari to coastal Andhra and river Krishna to Rayalaseema to the detriment of the Telangana region.

Issues have also been raised about neglect of tanks, pointing out that the area irrigated by tanks in Telangana has gone down from 12 lakh acres to 5 lakh acres compelling the farmers to depend on ground water for their survival.

Some groups have pointed out that despite the largest catchment area amongst the three regions of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana has less irrigated land than coastal Andhra arid that, if a separate Telangana is created the waters of Krishna and Godavari will be better utilized for agricultural production and creation of employment opportunities.

Another allegation is that unviable projects were formulated for Telangana like Ichampalli Devadula Lift Irrigation Scheme etc.

The Polavaram project has been planned to benefit Coastal Andhra at the cost of Telangana and the projects - inherited from the erstwhile Hyderabad state have been abandoned.

People from Telengana supporting the separatist movement argue that that their dialect, if not language, differs.The economy of this state was considered as one of the worn out economies of India till , after it came to as highest states in India to the extent GDP.

Andhra Pradesh has been isolated as Telangana and Seemandhra. The state has particularly made the social and mechanical establishment.

Mar 30,  · Telangana: Seemandhra lawyers to hold massive sit-in in Delhi 14 Oct, , PM IST. Scores of lawyers from 13 districts of Seemandhra region will hold a protest in New Delhi on October 18 to mount pressure on the Centre to concede to their demand for a united Andhra Pradesh. Economies of Telangana and Seemandhra We will write a custom essay sample on Economies of Telangana and Seemandhra or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER The Telangana movement is a group of related political activities organized in order to support the creation of a new state of Telangana, from [ ]. Opposition against formation of separate Telangana State: There was a movement in Seemandhra region opposing the Telangana state formation. Though only an opinion is required under Article 3 of the Indian Constitution, a resolution was adopted by voice vote and the bill was rejected by the Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly and Council on 30 January as the majority of the legislators were from .

Economies of Telangana and Seemandhra Essay Economies of Telangana and Seemandhra The Telangana movement is a group of related political activities organized in order to support the creation of a new state of Telangana, from the existing state of Andhra Pradesh in South India.

During the period of bifarcation, the term “SEEMANDHRA” found its prominence to represent the newly formed andhra pradesh (coastal andhra& rayalaseema) from telangana.

Economies of telangana and seemandhra

Seemandhra - rayalaseema and coastal andhra. Combinedly, called as Seemandhra. Business and Economy; How Telangana and Seemandhra fought for Hyderabad (and how the battle was won) Book excerpt: Jairam Ramesh, who was closely involved with the bifurcation, recounts the Operating System: ANDROID.

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Telangana will, however, have a far more difficult time in addressing its poverty than Seemandhra, and that is because it will suffer from the same class of problems that Jharkhand suffered from.

Impact of division of Andhra Pradesh on Seemandhra and Telangana