Draft 1 modess report

Words and expressions for menstruation around the world Send contributions from any culture and language! See also an excerpt from a Dutch book about words and expressions for menstruation. AF "As I pointed someone to your site to read about all different names for menstruation because she asked what AF stands for, I guess it belongs in your list of words for menstruation. It is the abbreviation for Aunt Flo that some women use on Internet," writes a Dutch frequent contributor to this site.

Draft 1 modess report

My question related to best practices for what I mentioned in my question. Use SSL, do no redirect the user, make secure web service calls to the PP from server side, do not Draft 1 modess report CC details, maintain separate payment records with your token, and consider PCI Compliance in your design.

If you do not feel I did a good job then perhaps someone else can give a more accurate answer that you are looking for. Although important issues, my question was not dealing with how to choose a Payment Service Provider PSPPCI DSS requirements or legal implications of anything, but just technical pitfalls one might stumble across when implementing a "direct" instead of a "redirect" model with any PSP.

Prerequisites The customer is at the stage where he inputs credit card details into your form.

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I know what he owes and what amount and currency I want to charge to the credit card he submits. On submit of the form containing the Credit Card details, I will use Javascript to stop the default action on the submit button which, if JS or AJAX weren't available, could go to an error page telling the user to get a more recent browser Depending on the PSP, the request can be submitted as a delayed transaction meaning it won't be settled automatically update the prepared record with it's new status if declined, unlock session and go back to the payment page; if successful, update with status "transmitted" If it was successful, we would not have the auth reference and other important details from the PSP - so send "settle" request to the PSP for the obtained auth reference.

If successful, update the payment record to completed or in my case, move and update it from PendingTransactions to PaymentTransactions Remove the "lock" flag from the user's record Other considerations Please understand the above as an invitation to share your knowledge and ideas - they're only ideas so far!

Logging I would very much agree with nerdklers on the logging - I'm currently considering to use some form of file-based logging for every stage of the above process and to keep logs for a few days even if complete and verified - who knows Database transactions I'm not sure I would agree with using database transactions.

We're using MS SQL, and with default settings, any transaction would be rolled back on loss of connection. I think I'll prefer multiple updates in the process; should any of those fail and the process consequently be terminated the user would still be prevented from re-submitting a possibly completed but not yet recorded transaction until it has been resolved manually.

I guess that's a "political" topic anyway. I think we could afford to take liberties in our business, others may possibly not. AJAX, technical I'm not so sure about my approach with calling a "StatusUpdate" method asynchronously yet, that will on first call attempt to trigger the actual process.

But I shall make this a seperate question should I not find good examples - which I guess I might well find. Anyhow, if you know a best-practice please do let me and others know in your comment. Final thoughts It'd be nice if I had a thought even remotely approaching the term "final" - this if work in progress for me and I am much obliged for any feedback and further hints on how this could be improved.CEC Ecosystems Panel DRAFT REPORT – February iv 3.

Identify those CECs that present the greatest risk by comparing MECs (or PECs) to MTLs. Es with a hazard quotient (HQ=ME (or PE)/MTL) greater than “1” were id entified. Pads are easier, but there are advantages to internal options. For the record, there are more menstrual products than just tampons or pads, for example menstrual cups and softcups, even different types of tampons or pads can be vastly different.

1 entries per day for 2 years, * * 2 = Not a problem, just make sure you add proper indexes for the columns you might use for selecting data from.

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Draft 1 modess report
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