Department store 2 essay

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Department store 2 essay

Hire Writer Their main focus is catering for upper middle and the wealthy income households of Dublin, but they do offer Department store 2 essay annual sale where some middle and lower income householders can purchase high quality, high end styles from the previous year at extensively reduced prices.

Heath and Heather Department stores have faced multiple disadvantages due to global recession coupled with their major competitor Irish Cream Inc.


The lower priced lines have only generated sales when they are placed on sales, and the music department also had a serious sales deficit with CD sales decreasing each year. To overcome these deficiencies, Heath and Heather is considering setting up a website to promote sales.

Though this may be an exciting marketing fixture for Heath and Heather, only the small younger segment of the market in Dublin is internet savvy.

The marketing officer therefore, has six months to affect some turnaround in sales to prevent further decline in business or he will be replaced.

T Key Strengths 1.

Department store 2 essay

Focus on very high quality, high end brands and timeless sophistication. The Irish prefer locally owned stores 5. Flag ship store is located in a reputable area 6. One-stop shop so everything is available at the department store Key Weaknesses 1. Expansion into many departments 2. Extensive expansions of the stores 3.

Stagnant sales for the past 10 years 4. Decline in sales in January 5. Trying to appeal to too many people- lack of focus Key Opportunities 1.

Located in the 4th richest city in the world and 10th richest by personal income 2. Strong economic city 3. The return of the middle and upper income Irish from Britain can be catered to directly to attract this market.

Immigrants from Europe can be more aggressively targeted. This can be justified due to the fact the Asian quarter is growing and this market that is there is mostly attracted to this 5. Website would appeal to the youth 6. Dublin area population is growing Key Threats 1. The global economic crisis which is causing people to hold their money rather than spend it, may prevail in the future thus causing business to slow down even more.

Irish Creme is directly opposite H and H, therefore whatever sales promotions H and H implements, Irish Creme can easily be aware of and possibly try to mimic. H and H should capitalize on the fact that Irish Creme only has a single annual sale and implement more periods of time to have other sales to attract consumers to their store instead.

Given the increased usage of the World Wide Web, consumers would be downloading their favorite music as opposed to buying the CDs instore, therefore revamping the music department is necessary in keeping up with trends in the market.

H and H could look to offer products that play music and cut back on CDs for sale. This could include selling IPods, MP3 players and other similar devices that may attract consumers to their music department.

It can be assumed that people will still buy music CDs so it would not be suggested at this time to cut out this completely, but resources should be allocated differently in this market. The Asian quarter is a fast growing shopping area and could take away more of H and H present clientele with the Chinese Laundry clothing line.Find essay examples ; Essay Writing Service ; WIN $!

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Essay on the Advantages of a Departmental Store. Article shared by. The advantages of a departmental store are as follows: 1. Convenience in shopping: A departmental store offers a wide range of articles under one roof. Therefore, a customer can purchase all his requirements from a particular place.

Department stores are generally centrally. Hightower Department Stores: Imported Stuffed Animals Executive Summary On the morning of January 17, , before the annual buying trip to Germany for the Christmas season, the toy buyer for the chain of Hightower Department Stores named Julia Brown was reviewing the performance of some models of stuffed animals tested for sales during Essay on Departmental Store: Top 6 Essays | Retail Management.

In it, each department is a speciality shop such as textile department, drugs department, books and stationery department, video cassette department, etc. A consumer can hope to get all that he needs in a big departmental store. Essay # 2.

Features of Departmental Stores. Free department stores papers, essays, and research papers.

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