Box office decline

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Box office decline

But it continues to focus on the wrong metric. Here is the right one: That is especially true in the key summer period. Forthere were 1. Then there is the revenue factor to consider.

How do movie studios make up the difference? Four of the biggest U. Summer box-office revenues were up and down over the last few years -- depending on movie studios' slates and development.

Starting insummer box-office revenue rose every other year: Movie studios do their best to ramp up action-adventure franchises in the summer: Many of these blockbusters are geared toward younger moviegoers, specifically young men.

This is why movie studios have been frantically attempting -- for the better part of a decade -- to get older, low-attendance moviegoers back to the theaters. If that doesn't work, studios want to encourage them to buy movie showings at home on their big TV screens.

Studios continue to release more movies -- films ina new record. But the releases collide with other factors, such as slowly disappearing potential reach. Traditional TV networks, especially cable TV networks, have struggled with this reality for several years.

Box office decline

Cable TV networks find it difficult to raise advertising prices and wholesale carriage fees to pay TV providers. Movie Revenues Decline, Attendance Plummets".

Check to receive email when comments are posted. Bill Shane from Eastlan Ratings, August 30, at 3: You actually hit the nail on the head with the list of this Summer's biggest movies. There's nothing wrong with action flicks in the Summer season, but try adding some serious, well scripted, well acted movies in the Summer as well.

I was frothing at the mouth to see "Atomic Blonde" and although it was a fun movie and maybe the start of a female Bond series, there should have been some other choices.

Unfortunately, The Dark Tower" was much anticipated, but was a real let down. Maybe the studios would be better off releasing some the movies they sit on till the end of the year. People's memories are not that short.

Look at how well "The Help" did a few years ago at both the box office and at the Oscars.Comcast Beats on Q2 Earnings as NBCU TV Revenue Offsets Box Office Decline.

It was a good quarter for Telemundo to have the World Cup. with a percent fall at the box office. Revenue at. May 15,  · The Metropolitan Opera House at Lincoln Center. The Met is grappling with declining subscriptions and has taken in just 67 percent of its potential box-office capacity this season.

Wake has been a freelance writer for the past several years now and has continued to do what he loves to do while attempting to get his work out to the masses. His greatest loves in life are. Box Office India report further states that, ‘Thugs of Hindostan’ has seen a big drop of around 45% on an all India basis but most places have come down 50%.

Box office decline

The drop is around 30% in UP. box office n. 1. A booth, as in a theater or stadium, where tickets are sold. 2. a.

The drawing power of a theatrical entertainment or of a performer; popular appeal. b. A factor influencing this power: Notoriety is usually good box office.

3. Total attendance for an entertainment; turnout. 4. The amount of money received from ticket sales for an. Box office draw: Starring Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, is it any wonder the Transformers sequel was a hit with movie-goers?

One reason as to why numbers have dropped could be the rise in illegal.

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