A literary analysis of vile bodies dont you want me by india knight

Although he hailed from a solidly middle class family, Waugh associated at Oxford with a circle known as the 'Hypocrites Club', and thereafter mingled with the rich and fatuous before marrying Evelyn Gardner, the daughter of a Lord and Lady. Waugh writes with a comical touch, precisely using the sort of character Evelyn Waugh was in his mids when he wrote Vile Bodiesbut he had already seen enough of the foibles of the ruling class to provide ammunition for a lifetime of storytelling. Waugh writes with a comical touch, precisely using the sort of characters he more than likely would have associated with in his own life. This novel I would say is somewhere along the lines of a raw satire, which features seemingly farcical and madcap goings-on in London's lavish high society.

A literary analysis of vile bodies dont you want me by india knight

After that he had journeyed up and down in the country of Saxony, and his fame had spread so abroad that no longer dare he work his knaveries and beguilings in that land, came our worshipful master forth from Saxony, and did enter into the land of Hessen, and came therein unto Marburg, unto the landgrave where that he kept his court.

Then inquired the landgrave of Eulenspiegel, what manner of man he was and what he could do. Then answered Eulenspiegel, and said: Then spake he unto him, saying: Yet am I a painter, the equal unto whom can be nowhere found in any country, for my work is far better than the work of any other painter.

These took he from his wallet, and displayed them before that prince. These pleased the lord much, and he said unto Eulenspiegel: And that must ye tell me in the wise that will be most costly and precious. But when that Eulenspiegel came with three servants he had found, to see what the work was which was to be done, he gat him unto the landgrave, and spake unto him, and entreated him, saying: Then conferred Eulenspiegel with his men, and said unto them, that they must take an oath unto him not to betray him; and so did they.

A literary analysis of vile bodies dont you want me by india knight

And he said unto them, that they need not do any kind of labour, but they might play at tables and chess and other merry pastimes. And thereat were the men content; nor was it greatly marvellous that in such wise they should be, for Eulenspiegel did promise to pay them for serving him after this manner.

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Then it came to pass, after some three or four weeks had gone by, that the landgrave craved much to see in what measure the painting of Eulenspiegel was ready, and whether, of a truth, it did resemble the ensamples which Eulenspiegel had shewn unto him, which were so goodly and fair.

Thereat gat he him to Eulenspiegel, and said unto him: But I must tell unto thee a marvellous secret which doth touch all my painting, in that no one, if he be ignobly born, or not according unto the ordinance of Holy Church, can behold my painting to see it.

And then went he with Eulenspiegel into the hall, and there had Eulenspiegel hanged up a white cloth, that he should have painted. And with a white wand did he point to the wall when that he had with his hand put the cloth somewhat aside, and then spake he to the landgrave, and said unto him: And here perceive ye one that was an earl of Rome there unto, and he had a princess and a wife, who was duchess of Bavaria and a daughter of the mild and good Justinian, who afterwards became emperor.

And look ye, noble lord; of them was born Adolphus.

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And of Adolphus came William the Swart; and this William had a son Ludwig, who was named the Pious; and so forward until that we come down unto your lordship's grace. And I know well that there is no person living that can reprove my work, so curiously have I made it, and with such fair and goodly colours.

A literary analysis of vile bodies dont you want me by india knight

And when that he did come unto the princess his wife, she spake unto him, and asked him, saying: Ye have seen his work and devices, and how are ye pleased therewith?You are assured of becoming a gentleman, if you want to be.

If not, just keep acting like a steward, a companion of servants, and not worthy to grasp the greatness before you.

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