A critique of gasland can you light your water on fire

As for the game's not being over, I need to change my news feed. You're sources must be on the fringe. Here's proof of my perceived change in coverage: Here is a very well argued article which sounds rational and balanced, but really is against the DOE effort the author is a GreenTech consultant.

A critique of gasland can you light your water on fire

Posted on August 20, Opinion is a flitting thing, But Truth, outlasts the Sun — If then we cannot own them both — Possess the oldest one. This legislation will spur economic development at all levels of our economy, not just the energy sector. And the expansion of our energy sector will not come at a cost to our precious environment.

This legislation has the safeguards to protect the high quality of life we cherish. But perhaps no other single issue is more misunderstood especially where the practice is unfamiliar to people than is fracking. It involves seven basic steps: Fracking was first pioneered back inand over the years, the process has been used successfully in nearly two million wells here in the United States and nearly 3 million more wells worldwide.

Department of Energyabout 13, new wells are drilled each year. Fracking has unlocked vast reserves of energy, and shale gas now accounts for about 40 percent of total U.

Today, 46 percent of all natural gas in the U. Article continues after the graphic.

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On its approach to the deep layer of rock where natural gas is trapped, the well curves about 90 degrees and travels horizontally along the layer of rock, often extending a mile or more out at right angles from the vertical well bore.

The technique allows for multiple wells from a single pad and the extended reach of these horizontal wells creates maximum contact with the gas-bearing shale, creating greater economies of scale.

A single fracking operation has a footprint about the size of a football field or two. Our diagram above is to scale; nearly all the diagrams passed out by activists and used by the media are not. At best, these false representations are misleading.

Propaganda at its simplest and most effective. Once the trapped natural gas is freed, the water is pumped back up to the surface and then the well is flushed. The pore water is usually a brine with significant amounts of dissolved solids. The trace amount of any chemicals that might remain behind are heavily diluted by water and sand, and more than a mile of solid rock separates the fluid from groundwater and the drinking supply.

The newly created fissures are held open by the sand granules, allowing the natural gas to flow into the pipe and be collected at the surface.

The drilling process takes about two to three months and the fracturing process itself lasts just a few days. Once these things are done, the well is considered complete and the site is ready to produce natural gas. When the rigging comes down and the high pressure pumps and other heavy equipment are removed, the footprint is reduced so all that remains on the property is the wellhead basically a heavy-duty valve — see photoa few storage tanks, and a metering system to monitor production.what you wanna be when you grow beispiel essay fugawiland essay writer ap us history civil disobedience essay sujets de dissertation historique blue gold water wars essay writing the ocean is a block quote double spaced essays 20th century post modern architecture essay essay for ias mains nfl gasland summary essay on is.

The first experimental use of hydraulic fracturing in the world was in , and the first commercially successful applications of hydraulic fracturing were in in the United States.

There has been significant fracking in the USA, where it has allowed electricity to be produced using gas rather than coal, halving the associated CO2 emissions.

And to learn more about the ugly truth of hydraulic fracturing—namely, how folks who live near natural gas wells can light their tap water on fire—watch the trailer for the film Gasland above and stay tuned until the very end to see some shocking footage.

In the meantime I'll be back tomorrow with your regularly scheduled Bermuda Shorts.

A critique of gasland can you light your water on fire

If you live, play, or work near a fracking operation or one of its necessary infrastructure operations, and your drinking water is contaminated with carcinogens, and you get breast cancer, the water-test report you see may well omit reference to the very chemicals responsible for your exposure.

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It can also pollute water through erosion of soil and rock. and during a fire it can kill in as little as one minute, said Todd Shoebridge, a year fire service veteran who is a captain at the Hickory Fire Department in North Carolina.

“There is no way you can explain to the public that taking money from the tobacco industry is a.

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