A comparison of the economic and cultural characteristics of the north and south during the pre civi

They were seized by a Maya lord, and most were sacrificedalthough two managed to escape. Maya peoples The Spanish conquest stripped away most of the defining features of Maya civilization.

A comparison of the economic and cultural characteristics of the north and south during the pre civi

The population of the Northern states was more than twice that of the Southern states. Despite the fact that many people, in both the Northern and Southern states, worked on farms during the time before the Civil War, the Northern become both more industrialized and more urbanized, while plantation agriculture remained the focus in the South.

Transportation improved via railroad development and manufacturing exploded in the North, making it attractive to opportunity seekers looking for improved wages in the North and West states. The cities in the areas offering manufacturing jobs experienced major population growth which triggered extensive housing and urban development, and provided an economic environment conducive to the establishment of a middle-class made up of skilled and white-collar workers.

US southern States Southern states continued to invest in plantations and relied on slave labor to meet their production needs. Slavery occurred in the North, as well, but was outlawed in the non-border Union states, while slavery continued in Union states bordering Southern slave states.

Northern states felt slavery should be outlawed, though, many did not wish to compete with former slaves for job opportunities and this sentiment was used politically in anti-Black campaigns in the region. In spite of the occupational differences in the regions, the division of labor worked to some degree, for example: During the revivalist movement, different religious denominations took hold in different regions.

In the South and the West, where income-potential there were fewer opportunities for advancement, evangelical sects were more popular. In the North, those who were better off economically were more attracted to the Episcopalian, Presbyterian, and Unitarian denominations. A major factor which further advantaged the Northern states was the importance placed on education in comparison with Southern states.

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Greater literacy in the North gave native residents a better chance to attain higher paying, white collar jobs when competing against the significant number of Southern workers who migrated north for better job opportunities. Northern states experienced greater urbanization and industrialization, while the Southern states largely remained rural with only a few well-populated urban areas and focused on plantation agriculture.

The population of the Northern states was more than twice that of Southern states. Northern states invested more in machinery and the Southern states more so in slave labor, despite the increasing price of slaves.

Northern state placed more value on education than Southern states, resulting in a greater number of public schools in the North. If you like this article or our site. Please spread the word.Difference Between Southern and Northern States before the Civil War Difference Between the North and the South during the Civil war; Cite Lathan K.

"Difference Between Southern and Northern States before the Civil War." benjaminpohle.com • Categorized under Culture | Difference Between Southern and Northern States before the Civil War Southern vs Northern States before the Civil War Prior to the Civil War there were several significant differences between Northern and Southern states in terms of demographics, occupational opportunities, income–potential, economic classes.

Ireland is cool, and I have a fondness for its people and history. But Ireland wasn’t “the most important country” during that time. It was barely a “country” at all at the time. The Civil War Differences Between the North and South Geography of the North • Climate –frozen winters; hot/humid summers • Economic differences −South –needed slaves Emancipation Proclamation • During the Civil War, Lincoln freed all the slaves in states that were rebelling • exception: slaves in South Carolina remained.

Factory vs. Plantation in the North and South: “During the first half of the 19th century, economic differences between the regions also increased. By cotton was the chief crop of the South, and it represented 57 percent of all U.S. exports.

The history of Maya civilization is divided into three principal periods: the Preclassic, Classic, and Postclassic periods. These were preceded by the Archaic Period, during which the first settled villages and early developments in agriculture emerged.

Modern scholars regard these periods as arbitrary divisions of Maya chronology, rather than indicative of cultural evolution or decline.

A comparison of the economic and cultural characteristics of the north and south during the pre civi
Comparison of entertainment in the north and south in pre civil war america